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download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ wholesale-mens-blue-jeans-for-the-caribbean-west-indies download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ phat-styled-pants-wholesale-to-the-caribbean raver-dance-phat-styled-pants-wholesale-to-the-caribbean women-bikini-cut-denim-hot-shorts-bikini-bottom-wholesale-to-the-caribbean women-bikini-jeans-pants-back-wholesale-to-the-caribbean download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ catalog-pictures-new-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ straight-leg-stretch-womens-jeans catalog-girls-boys-pictures-2new2show-west-indian-fashion-com mens-denim-roll-cuff-jeans-wholesale-to-the-caribbean catalog-mens-pictures-new-west-indian-fashion-com official-home-of-wholesale-caribbean-fashions-west-indian-fashion-com-official-site mens-jeans-classic-relaxed-fit artisans-inspired-unisex-straight-leg straight-out-hip-hop-denim-jeans stretch-straight-leg-jeans
Caribbean Discount Deals for: Wednesday 19th June 2019

About Us:  Who we are

Our story: was founded with the customers satisfaction in mind. We are the top supplier of quality affordable tropical Wholesale Caribbean fashion importer / exporter and fashion accessories supplier.

We are a distributor of discount designer fashion and popular name brands from all over the world. Our affordable wholesale bulk lots makes us a favorite for business owners of stores, small, medium business and boutique owners. We are the “best kept Caribbean fashion wholesale business supplier secret source”  for business buyers in the Caribbean, Latin, South America & worldwide. We provide the latest new fashion for your customers at the lowest possible price. Why pay more?

WestIndianFashion.com_President_Indy Our president is: Indira “Indy” Sookdeo. Indy, as she is affectionately known by her customers & employees, was tired of looking for quality latest fashion at affordable prices to supply & stock her many business customers for the Caribbean & South America.

Upon further investigation, there was no known reliable affordable direct Caribbean Fashion Wholesale Supplier who service the West Indies & South America exclusively, and understands the uniquely “picky” and sometimes flamboyantly expressive Caribbean fashion customers we all know and love. There was nothing that came close to “Affordable Caribbean Fashion.”

Being an equally true “Creative Native” of the Caribbean herself, Indy decided to give everyone an equal opportunity by finding the latest highest quality fashion and negotiating the lowest possible price directly from the different manufactures & the designer fashion communities.

Now, everyone who is serious in starting or already own, or run their established wholesale Caribbean business, can buy these quality made latest fashion and must have accessories & resell them in the retail market for a good profit and pass along the savings to their customers too.

After much hard work and refining, this site have evolved from, just negotiating uniquely wholesale deals from hundreds of global manufactures and sourcing hard to find items all at the lowest possible prices for our business members.

Indy, as a fellow Caribbean business owner, is especially proud of the efforts has made to create and aid those who possess the entrepreneurial spirit and wishes to create an opportunity where there is none.

She is instrumental in founding our United Caribbean Wholesale Business Network® Free Learning Center. Where the aim is simple: to help and guide those who are now starting out and help those who are ready to expand their current business.

Learn, earn, profit & share. Here any one can find: free up to date cutting edge business tips and Internet sales & marketing techniques especially customized for the Caribbean business community environment.

This site is as a result of  creativity at hard word, here we try to help you start or expand your retail business and create a small business networking community to help each other.

Her vision of : “We will provide an equal opportunity for both the young and old, minority and women owned business in the Caribbean and elsewhere”


“The best thing you can give someone is a chance when there is none”

Says it all.

We invite you to learn, become a member, earn, profit, contribute & share to our United Caribbean Business Community. We are more than just about suppling quality affordable fashion, but also a powerful connection to the Caribbean business networking community with, like minded business owners just like you.

Home of the Caribbean Islands Fashions - West Indian Official Site

On a personal note: We practice what we believe, we run an open company here, what that means is that we allow (after much discussion & debating & voting), our “employees” or rather our TEAM members (sorry guys) to post actual comments on the products and services we provide. Don’t be alarmed while using this site to see fun quotes, actual comments (if they start to do some actual work …) in or around the site.

It just shows we are an actual living company here, we work here and this website feeds families; not some site on the Internet gathering digital dust on the worldwide Internet. We are here to help you start, serve your existing & growing business need. People helping people, learn, earn, profit & sharing all the fun. 
We wish you a a profitable day!

Ps: If you see these comments getting out of hand please send me an email : Info[a]

Pss: (from Team westindianfashion: Hip Hip Hooray! we won our vote to comment, Party On! we promise to be good…not!


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download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ caribbean-flare-jeans-style download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ caribbean-bell-bottom-jeans caribbean-bell-bottom-stretch-flare-jeans download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ wholesale-mens-blue-jeans-for-the-caribbean-west-indies phat-styled-pants-wholesale-to-the-caribbean download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ wholesale-mens-boot-cut-jeans-for-the-caribbean-west-indies wholesale-womens-black-boot-cut-jeans-for-the-caribbean-west-indies women-black-stretch-denim-jeans-wholesale-to-the-caribbean catalog-girls-boys-pictures-2new2show-west-indian-fashion-com womens-straight-stretch-jean download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ mens-jeans-classic-relaxed-fit maternity-straight-leg-jeans-with-demi-panel artisans-inspired-unisex-straight-leg stretch-straight-leg-jeans womens-jeans-low-rise-skinny-straight download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_
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Caribbean Discount Deals for: Wednesday 19th June 2019