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download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ caribbean-flare-jeans-style west-indies-super-flare-jeans caribbean-bell-bottom-stretch-flare-jeans download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ wholesale-mens-blue-jeans-for-the-caribbean-west-indies wholesale-womens-blue-jeans-for-the-caribbean-west-indies short-phat-styled-pants-wholesale-to-the-caribbean women-hip-huggers-stretch-denim-jeans-wholesale-to-the-caribbean catalog-pictures-new-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ catalog-girls-boys-pictures-2new2show-west-indian-fashion-com mens-denim-roll-cuff-jeans-wholesale-to-the-caribbean mens-work-dungaree-denim-jeans-wholesale-to-the-caribbean download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ colored-coulured-stretch-straight-leg-jeans womens-straight-leg-denim-jeans-torn mens-jeans-classic-relaxed-fit relaxed-straight-mens womens-jeans-straight-leg-stretch maternity-straight-leg-jeans-with-demi-panel
Caribbean Discount Deals for: Wednesday 19th June 2019 the Caribbean’s only reliable online wholesale distributor.

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What does ThisSiteIsAlive4U® mean?

This is a live site and is updated and monitored daily, with real people supporting it; not some other site in cyberspace!

We are here to help your business and you can rest assured we will try our hardest to solve your problems getting quality products for your customers at the very lowest price.

As we try to provide you with the widest selections of below wholesale deals and we have a lot of users who are eager to get the lowest prices on quality apparel.

We ask you to please be patient for these pages may load slowly depending on your Internet connection and bandwidth. You can download all latest catalogs in PDF format & view them offline at your leisure.

We are not just any other wholesale supplier, distributor, or Import/Exporter to the Caribbean or worldwide…

Congratulations, You have just discovered one of the most powerful business marketing B2B & B2C networks on the Caribbean. Our United Caribbean Wholesale Business Network® is linked to other good local businesses both locally or internationally.

We utilize some of the most cutting edge Internet technologies and marketing techniques within this site and when you signup free with us; we help your business to prosper too. We believe in helping each other along the way.

Whether you are looking for a dependable wholesale supplier to the Caribbean & West Indies to make a quick profit for you business; Or looking to start, grow or expand your current existing Caribbean business, our business families are here to stay and help each other for the next generation and beyond.

You can read our story here and our vision on how we work with good businesses.

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How to buy wholesale and increase your customers and profits by using


Why don’t you carry a full site catalog?  Where are all the deals & where are your prices?

Fashion changes by the minute!  No one can keep up with it all.

Here’s how we work with the direct manufacturers:

The service we offer is very unique. We represent and have direct access to hundreds of quality direct manufacturers & Importers/Exporters. We constantly negotiate the absolute lowest price from each manufacturer, Importers/Exporters and list it in all our current cataloues & VIP price list.

The Current & Latest Fashion Inventory items is always and ever changing but try to keep our quality up and the prices for you always low.

You have a choice, with us when you place your order:

Option 1=Use already low price on catalogue.

Option 2=“Bid My Order”.

Option 1=For faster orders, and to refill essential inventory, go through catalogue, use normal fast order process and still save on the already low prices on the current catalog.

Option 2=Ask us to “Bid My Order” when you send in your order with us.

From the time you send in your order inquiry (and ask us to “Bid My Order”) in our proprietary system.  The manufacturers, Importers/Exporters compete with each other, to see if we can get your order at a even lower price other than the already low listed catalog price.

If  there is any accepted lower bid by the many manufacturers, you get another discount and is applied to your order before you pay(minimum order is required, may delay some orders/items, plan ahead, some restrictions apply). The savings is passed on to you.

The result of that is even more SAVINGS FOR YOU: We get you the latest styles, a wider selection AND get the lowest discounted prices possible directly from the manufacturers.
Instead of holding very expensive inventory that may go out in style soon in your store. You get to sell proven fast sellers in your business store or boutique, the latest styles & patterns and you got them at the lowest price to begin with! You win in savings and increased profit margins. Win – Win – Win for everyone. Feel free to choose your savings with us…

We display popular sample products we carry in our ever changing catalogue.  You can download the latest catalogs here.

These catalog contains hundreds of items from many manufactures (who sell by the thousand piece/per style).  They change their product lines often.
We feel to provide the best value to you, is by featuring the factories who offer the best quality, hottest trends at the lowest price.

If you see some fashion styles that may be perfect for your customer, and need to place an order right now;  download the latest catalogue and email your order via email & website. You will be taken care of right away.

We found this the best method to serve you. If you need any special items or have a custom order that is NOT in the catalogues, drop us an email and we will be happy to help.

We would love to list our entire inventory here, but that would take a full day EVERY day and night to keep this site updated and that’s just with women fashion tops!

Our inventory carries hundreds of different product types, as jeans, dresses, pants, skirts, men’s, teen wear, children and not counting our thousands of accessories, from hundreds of  our qualified manufactures.

By the time you read this page, we would have already received hundreds of  different new products & styles from these manufactures. This is simply impossible to update this site on a daily, nightly basis, (believe us, we tried).

How do you use your time to benefit us?  Us the Caribbean business owners?

We use our time, by constantly finding new manufactures that make the products and services, to suit the style and help our Caribbean & West Indies retail end customersA happy customer = a profitable business.

Using our combined businesses, networking power & our proprietary system, we then negotiate the best prices in bulk so we pass the savings on to you the store, business & boutique owners such as you.

What is the result of that?

A very rare and valuable service, that you may not have the time or resources for:

Just imagine: getting on a plane and travelling (& the associated transportation nightmares) visiting, interviewing, negotiating with hundreds of manufactures to get the right products and goods for your business, the large complicated buying contracts, very expensive deposits on orders, quality control issues, hefty “place on hold” orders and termination fees (ouch), visiting all the world and getting to largest fashion & vendor shows.

Then making and maintaining all those contacts & relationships, the language barriers, the customs & (import taxes and confusing forms), and buying by the thousands of pieces (usually minimum orders required).

Just to get the right price for your budget and your store or boutique.

Then think about: clicking on these page, download a catalogue, and send an email with your order; and have all of this work already done for your business. = FREE of charge to your Caribbean and others in business.

You, of course, are free to choose, the old way OR the unique services offered by

We feel this is a better use of our time is to serve our fellow Caribbean businesses by providing better services and products at a fair price. Together we are constantly networking to bring quality products to your customer at an affordable price.

How does wholesale site can help my business? And how do I increase my store sales with the use of your site? wholesale network to the Caribbean and West indies was created exclusive for you and your Caribbean & West Indies business!
You do not need to order thousands per styles but a few and in some case no minimum order.

Please see the latest catalogue for details.
We are a network of businesses that are helping our community and others who wants to build their businesses. We help to create jobs where are none and give to the ones who dream of owning their own business the much needed help.

What is your site format?  And how do we use your resources?

This site is divided in an easy format:

1: Numerous detailed categories displays, with TV, Radio, MOBILE multimedia options.

2: Current catalog download pages with constantly updated products and new fashion lines. With easy to follow order instructions.

3: Your United Caribbean Wholesale Business Network® Newslettersyour Wholesale Caribbean Buyers VIP  HOT LIST.

Our Order Process:


What do we do if we don’t see the newest HOT products or styles my customer wants?

Send us an email now!

We love to introduce new product lines, because we carry so much inventory not seen elsewhere,
you can be the only one to exclusively carry these new styles to your customers.

More referrals to your business = increased sales! That translates into profit for your business.

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business tips you can use in your business right now.

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“Our business is built around the alignment of similar interests, and the more successful we are in helping our fellow Caribbean business owners, the better we perform in our job in providing the best products and service at the lowest price.”

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download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ phat-styled-pants-wholesale-to-the-caribbean rave-dance-phat-styled-pants-wholesale-to-the-caribbean short-phat-styled-pants-wholesale-to-the-caribbean download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ women-bikini-cut-denim-hot-shorts-bikini-bottom-wholesale-to-the-caribbean download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ women-black-stretch-denim-jeans-wholesale-to-the-caribbean womens-straight-leg-denim-jeans-biker catalog-mens-pictures-new-west-indian-fashion-com womens-straight-stretch-jean mens-work-dungaree-denim-jeans-wholesale-to-the-caribbean download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ colored-coulured-stretch-straight-leg-jeans womens-tummy-tuck-stretch-straight-leg-jeans mens-jeans-classic-relaxed-fit relaxed-straight-mens designer-relaxed-straight-mens maternity-straight-leg-jeans-with-demi-panel artisans-inspired-unisex-straight-leg straight-out-hip-hop-denim-jeans stretch-straight-leg-jeans womens-jeans-low-rise-skinny-straight download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_
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