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Caribbean Discount Deals for: Wednesday 19th June 2019

We will supply your Retail store
with Wholesale Apparel, Accessories &
Jewelery at always low prices here in Catalog 3


Buy the newest Caribbean & Tropical West Indies
Fashion Wholesale Affordable Clothes
in Showcase 3 here:

Are you shopping for fashion apparel, accessories and wholesale clothing for your Latin, Central or South American or for your local Caribbean business? You have just found the best online site the Caribbean for that here.


We are always in stock with the latest wholesale & hottest tropical fashion, at always wholesale prices and high quality fashion items.
We are the top and most trusted wholesale clothing distributors in Miami, FL USA who ship: worldwide & directly to your business.

In this showcase 3 & catalog, you will find affordable fashion with a high profit margin, that sell so quickly your customers will keep coming back for more! Be the first business or store in your island to offer these hottest items.

Here you can find, for the business buyer or store owner, a wide range of tested products you can make a quick turnaround.

We know you would like to carry these in your store inventory. Make sure you place your order right now! as these wholesale fashion sell out fast to other smart business owners.

Don’t forget to check back often, we update this website on an hourly/daily/weekly basis, to make sure you have the very latest and newest styles for your customers. (You should bookmark this page now).

We have made it easier for you to shop by categories or by price. Just click on the links, sit back as we display the latest wholesale Caribbean fashions for your business.

If you don’t see what you want in this catalog, check out our other catalogs & showcases we will have your profit makers & fashion items there.


You can contact us here: via email or a
by phone: we are just a  Click2Call phone call away.


Also, for more savings see: Showcase 01 , Showcase 02 , Showcase 04 colour coded catalogues.

(You can order mix lots packages for your business of any product category shown here, These sample mix lots are updated frequently).

Minimum order for ANY MIX LOTS OF FASHION ITEMS in Caribbean Fashion Wholesale Showcase 03:
($350.00 USD
minimum per order)


Yes, you can mix and match in smaller quantities instead of buying each style by the case, pallets or container loads. For larger quantities purchases, register as a VIP member and checkout: Showcase 04.

**How to use this page to save time & money for your existing
or new Caribbean Business. Buy low, sell for profit high**


You can Shop by either (A) Categories, (B) Showcases or by (C) Price.

(A) Online Catalog (this Page) where a list of ALL the items we carry for this catalog is listed here.

(B) The actual items pictures & description in the Display & Showcase. To see what we offer :
Scroll down to see the catalog items you are interested in and click on the link. You will be taken to the product display page in another window. (please note: we use normal popup windows to display the merchandise).

(C) Click on the PRICE CATALOG below and you can shop by price to fit your every budget.


Contact us, with the Quantity of Items you want to order in the Price Range of Mix Lot Bundles shown here.

Feel  free to MIX & Match your Caribbean wholesale fashion items within EACH Catalogue & Showcase when you place your order.  This is to ensure you get a wide range of items for your store or business & of course your customers.


Here is on this catalog page, you will find very updated mix lots of sample items in Caribbean Fashion Wholesale Catalogue & Showcase 03, click on the links below to see each category, showcase and pricelist.

We have hundreds of styles of mixed lots in Caribbean Fashion Wholesale Showcase 03 and thousands more in our other catalogs. All at low prices for you, with hundred more coming in our inventory every hour. Hurry up and stock up with the styles you like to sell in your business these latest styles shown here may not last…

Don’t forget to checkout the other sample display showcases here.



(A) Here’s what in: Caribbean Fashion Wholesale Affordable Catalogue 3


01 New Fashion Deals Sale for the Caribbean 08 Fashion Jewelry wholesale
02 Ladies & Juniors Fashion Tops 09 New Shoes
03 Fashion wholesale Dresses 10 Latest Swimwear
04 Wholesale Caribbean Plus Sizes 11 Sweet Sexy Caribbean Lingerie
05 Wholesale Pants & Bottoms 12 Fashion Maternity wear
06 Wholesale Fashion Accessories 13 Fashion for the Caribbean Mens
07 Latest Wholesale Cosmetics 14 Caribbean Wholesaler of Home Linens
15 Caribbean Supplier of Party Supplies



($350.00 USD minimum per order in this catalog)

(Scroll down to see more latest deals in the latest wholesale fashions in
Caribbean & West Indies Fashions- High Fashion
Fast Selling Items in Mixed Lots Wholesale Showcase 03
& click on the links to go to the SHOWCASE & DISPLAY 03
and your choice will open in a new window
to show you the products & very latest
items pictures & descriptions  in the showcase & display pages.)


(B) Showcase & Displays for
Catalog 03
are here:

(1.) See our New Fashion Deals Sale for the Caribbean here


(2.) Ladies & Juniors Fashion Tops here


(3.) Fashion wholesale Dresses here


(4.) Wholesale Caribbean Plus Sizes here


(5.) Wholesale Pants & Bottoms here


(6.) Caribbean Wholesale Fashion Accessories Category

Caribbean Wholesaler of Accessories > Handbags
Caribbean Wholesaler of Accessories > Wallets & More
Caribbean Wholesaler of Accessories > Watches
Caribbean Wholesaler of Accessories > Sunglasses
Caribbean Wholesaler of Accessories > Leggins & Tights
Caribbean Wholesaler of Accessories > Belts
Caribbean Wholesaler of Accessories > Hair Accessories
Caribbean Wholesaler of > Scarves and Shawls
Caribbean Wholesaler of Accessories > Hats


GO to Caribbean Fashion Wholesale Affordable Catalog 3



(7.) Caribbean Supplier of wholesale Cosmetics Category

Caribbean Wholesale Supplier of Cosmetics > Perfumes
Caribbean Wholesale Supplier of Cosmetics > Face
Caribbean Wholesale Supplier of Cosmetics > Eyes
Caribbean Supplier of Cosmetics > Eye Contacts
Caribbean Wholesale Supplier of Cosmetics > Lips


(8.) Caribbean Wholesale Jewelry Category

Caribbean Jewellery supplier of > Jewelry Sets
Caribbean Jewellery supplier of > Bracelets
Caribbean Jewellery supplier of > Earrings
Caribbean Jewellery supplier of > Necklaces
Caribbean wholesale Jewellery supplier of > Rings

(9.) Caribbean Wholesaler of Discount Shoes here

(10.) Caribbean distributor for latest Swimwear here


(11.) Wholesale Sweet Sexy Caribbean Lingerie Category

Caribbean wholesale supplier of > Lingerie Accessories


(12.) Caribbean Wholesaler of Maternity wear here



(13.) Caribbean suppler of Men’s wear Category

Caribbean clothing wholesale of >Men’s Shirts
Caribbean clothing wholesaler of > Men’s Pants
Caribbean clothing wholesale supplier of > Colognes
Caribbean clothing wholesale supplier of > Sunglasses
Caribbean clothing wholesale supplier of > Watches


(14.) Caribbean Wholesaler of Home Linens here


(15.) Caribbean wholesale distributor of Party Supplies here



NEW Bargain Deals From Wholesale ONLY Prices (USD)
$1.00 TO $100.00
From $1 to $5 Each From $6 to $10 Each
From $11 to $15 Each From $16 to $20 Each
From $21 to $25 Each From $26 to $30 Each
From $31 to $40 Each From $41 to $50 Each
From $51 to $60 Each SPECIAL BUYS & Newest Fashion Lots
From $61 to $70 Each Get the NEW ARRIVALS HERE
From $71 to $80 Each ON SALE Now & NEW CLEARANCE Lots
From $81 to $90 Each Shop By BULK CASES or Pallets or Larger
From $91 to $100 Each and Up Make YOUR Special Order Requests Here





**($350.00 USD minimum per order in this catalog)**
We are constantly updating these catalog pages to reflect
changes in new styles, sizes, models and availability
but keeping ALWAYS, the lowest possible price to you.


Also be sure to check out: Showcase 01 , Showcase 02 , Showcase 04 catalogues.
We offer
over 10,000+ fashion items on sale in these combines 4 showcases & catalogues.

Our sample products displayed here are ready for purchase on our secure site, which we update several times a day with up to the minute: new products and increasing real-time inventory.

Please note, that popular products & items sell out VERY quickly. We cannot “hold” any items.

We recommend you Call or Email us now for availability or the the very up to the minute fashion items.

In an effort to keep our prices the low, We do not produce a printed catalog but do recommend you bookmark this page now as it is an ALWAYS UPDATED Online Caribbean Wholesale Showcase – 03.


Also see Showcase 01 , Showcase 02 , Showcase 03, Showcase 04 catalogues.


**Imagine the look in your customers face, when they
see you stocking the latest trends & Styles in the Caribbean
USA, Canada & Worldwide in your store now.
They will love these NEW Affordable Quality
Caribbean Fashions. You will love the cost price & high profit margins**

Please note:

This page changes often hourly/daily/weekly, make sure to visit often to ensure you get the latest fashion. Please sign up for our UP to the minute VIP Fashion Alerts availability email, TXT messages & update here.

All prices are in $USD. We suggest you shop by categories & price and choose the styles you like, in those groups. All pictures of our inventory, are updated hourly/daily/weekly. If you see a style you must have now, call now and we will try our best to assist you but cannot guarantee it.


We recommend you bookmark this page now. To Bookmark US: (press CTRL-D)


When visiting the Caribbean Wholesale Product Display Showcase 03: To pause sideshow: hover your mouse over image.
To print this page on your printer: (press Control+P)  All updated catalouges can be seen here.


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(There is a $350.00 USD minimum per order in this catalog 03)


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