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caribbean-flare-jeans-style caribbean-bell-bottom-jeans download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ wholesale-mens-blue-jeans-for-the-caribbean-west-indies raver-dance-phat-styled-pants-wholesale-to-the-caribbean women-phat-styled-stretch-pink-pants-wholesale-to-the-caribbean women-bikini-cut-denim-hot-shorts-bikini-bottom-wholesale-to-the-caribbean women-bikini-denim-pattern-top-bikini-jean-bottom-wholesale-to-the-caribbean women-bikini-jeans-pants-back-wholesale-to-the-caribbean women-bikini-jeans-pants-frount-wholesale-to-the-caribbean women-bikini-jeans-white-pants-back-wholesale-to-the-caribbean download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ womens-straight-leg-denim-jeans-biker mens-denim-roll-cuff-jeans-wholesale-to-the-caribbean catalog-mens-pictures-new-west-indian-fashion-com mens-work-dungaree-denim-jeans-wholesale-to-the-caribbean white-natural-fit-straight-leg-jeans designer-relaxed-straight-mens maternity-straight-leg-jeans-with-demi-panel womens-jeans-low-rise-skinny-straight
Caribbean Discount Deals for: Wednesday 12th December 2018

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This is a list of payments we accept:
  • Bank Cashier’s Check
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  • Your established Wholesale Caribbean Buyers VIP Account with us.

Payment Terms

• All orders are prepaid.
• We do not offer any open terms.
• We do not ship COD.
• We do not offer any credit accounts.

We ship as soon as your payment is received.

*Please note: 

We use an dependable payment processor to expedite all our payment processing and prevent errors and delays. 
You should make payments for this site for all bank checks, bank drafts, bank transfers, money orders;

Payable to : UINI DIGITAL PAYMENT SYSTEMS. This is our payment processor, this name will appear on all your bank card and billing statement & receipts. This is our official authorized payment processor for


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If you have relatives in the US or Canada they can either call us direct place your order or you can CLICK2CALL US REMOTELY from your country. Here is how this works:

If calling us is long distance and prohibitively costly for you. You can arrange for them to order your products & payment
for you. CLICK2CALL US REMOTELY enter their phone number and we will be instantly be connected to them with the phone number you entered.

How does that help? you are saved time and costly bank transfers and bank payment clearing & shipping time, we use their local payment information, process your order and ship directly to you.
Always save money here at

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download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ west-indies-super-flare-jeans caribbean-bell-bottom-jeans wholesale-mens-blue-jeans-for-the-caribbean-west-indies wholesale-womens-blue-jeans-for-the-caribbean-west-indies rave-dance-phat-styled-pants-wholesale-to-the-caribbean raver-dance-phat-styled-pants-wholesale-to-the-caribbean women-phat-styled-stretch-pink-pants-wholesale-to-the-caribbean women-bikini-cut-denim-hot-shorts-bikini-bottom-wholesale-to-the-caribbean women-bikini-denim-pattern-top-bikini-jean-bottom-wholesale-to-the-caribbean download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ light-wash-tight-jean-stretch-designer-straight womens-straight-leg-denim-jeans-biker womens-straight-stretch-jean white-natural-fit-straight-leg-jeans download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ womens-tummy-tuck-stretch-straight-leg-jeans relaxed-straight-mens womens-jeans-straight-leg-stretch straight-out-hip-hop-denim-jeans stretch-straight-leg-jeans download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_
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Caribbean Discount Deals for: Wednesday 12th December 2018