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download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ rave-dance-phat-styled-pants-wholesale-to-the-caribbean women-bikini-cut-denim-hot-shorts-bikini-bottom-wholesale-to-the-caribbean women-bikini-jeans-pants-back-wholesale-to-the-caribbean women-bikini-jeans-pants-frount-wholesale-to-the-caribbean download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ women-hip-huggers-stretch-denim-jeans-wholesale-to-the-caribbean catalog-pictures-new-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ straight-leg-stretch-womens-jeans womens-straight-leg-denim-jeans-biker download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ catalog-mens-pictures-new-west-indian-fashion-com womens-straight-stretch-jean mens-work-dungaree-denim-jeans-wholesale-to-the-caribbean download-our-latest-catalog-now-by-west-indian-fashion-com_ colored-coulured-stretch-straight-leg-jeans mens-jeans-classic-relaxed-fit straight-out-hip-hop-denim-jeans stretch-straight-leg-jeans
Caribbean Discount Deals for: Wednesday 19th June 2019

Retail Reseller Membership / Exclusive Caribbean Wholesale Local Distributor Application


Who cannot buy from

This site is meant for business owners/buyers only. Consumers or the general public, cannot buy from at these wholesale prices, but if they are staring a new wholesale business (not in the USA), they can use the form below and register as “SELF” make their first purchase and update their company information with us later (sorry, no starter of sample orders available. We do this, to assist those who are now trying to start their own business by making our order process easier).

What types of membership do you offer on this site?

We offer:

1:Retail Reseller Membership for International & USA & Canada: for everyone with a wholesale business or those who are looking to start one. Small/medium businesses. You qualify for numerous Promotions & Discounts. You must apply to become a member to order from this site.

2:Exclusive Caribbean Wholesale Local Distributor: for serious large local businesses, who is capable of buying in large bulk quantities. The VIP Hot List was created because you demanded it. This is for those who wish to make a large profit fast and have the sales channel to move large quantities of merchandise quickly. You must qualify for this Exclusive Caribbean Wholesale Local Distributor. Multiple discounts apply and exclusive Internet listings & opportunities available to help you expand your business. Limited Exclusive Territories are still available, email us for further details here or send your email to:  Subscribe[at]

*Note: all applicants must read and  agree to the terms of sale here BEFORE you sign up with this website.

Here are the Application forms :

1: Part 1: Please read instructions here or you can download instructions a printer friendly PDF FORM PDF format and agree to the Retail Reseller Membership – Exclusive Wholesale Distributor Application Terms & Conditions.

Part 2: Instructions In order to make your sign up process easier, we provide the following options:

2a: Offline application: download Application Terms in PDF above and choose  1 DOC file with the application below. Either an international application or an USA/Canada application. (Upon completion you must email the DOC file to us or fax it to our office, the instructions are included in the DOC file).

2b: Use the online application provided below.

Here are the OFFLINE DOC application: Please download the membership application that best describes your business:

2: Retail Reseller International Membership Application 
(This Application should be used by all Businesses from International Countries, who wish to join us NOW)


3:     USA / CANADA Retail Reseller Membership 
(This Application should be used by all Businesses from USA & CANADA ONLY, who wish to join us NOW)

**For USA membership ONLY Detailed instructions (2 step process): (step1) In addition to A: agreeing to the terms &  B: filing DOC  form above or using the online application below you must also provide the following requirements, (WE Supply  ONLY TO THE USA WHOLESALE BUSINESSESS  with valid resale certificates/License) please make sure to include your:

  • Copy of your Business License
  • Copy of your Resale License for your particular State or Country
  • Copy of your EIN(federal tax ID)
  • Copy of Photo ID (Drivers License or State ID, or Passport)

(step2) After filing the forms below click here to send your scanned paperwork listed above (or to send your email to: subscribe[at] to attach scanned copies listed above or to fax them to our office FAX 1 619 798 1613. Any incomplete applications will delay your approved membership.

_________________________OR _____________________________

Please complete this Short Application Form below.

Use Our Online Short Form application here:

Instructions for Short Form:
Please READ CAREFULLY: Remember you are applying to considered as a (A) PERMANENT WHOLESALE BUSINESS PARTNER WITH US and (B) Free Worldwide Promotion & marketing for your existing business.
We only require this information once. The time you spend doing this short form, is going to be worth the tremendous savings you will receive immediately on: the latest fashion at the lowest prices in the Caribbean!(Complete time is 4-8 minutes).  

Full Application is available for download here.


Fill out ALL requested information here. Any incomplete/missing information will delay your ability to get these deals at below wholesale prices for your business fast. Thank you have a Profitable Caribbean Day!

1(A): Tell Us about You & Your Business & How to Contact you:


My FULL Name is: (First Last required):
The Business Owner(s) FULL Name(s) is: (required):
Legal Name of Business or DBA (Doing Business As):

My Business Type is:

The Year I Started my Business is (required):
Years in this Current Location is:
My Business License # is If any?(VAT/GST/HST/BIN/EIN.
What Country/State/City?):
My State/City Sales Tax ID # is (If any)?
Would you like to apply for a Exclusive Wholesale Distributor? Yes No

Tell Us how should we Contact YOU?

MY Email is (required):
My Business Email (required):
My Business Phone (required):
My Business FAX:
My Cell #:
Want the Latest Fashion & Deals via TXT SMS on my Cell?YES! No 
Emergency / Other Evening Phone:
My Website(s) are:

2: A little more info on Ordering & Shipping.
Tell Us about: Who is authorized to place orders & Where do you want your Orders to be Shipped:

The ONLY Authorized persons allowed (total = 3) to place order on behalf of my company are 1:Name (required):

2: Name:

3: Name:

4: How will you be paying for your order? (required): Bank Cashier’s Check Bank Wire Transfer Direct Deposit US Money Order Your established Wholesale Caribbean Buyers VIP Account with us

I want my Orders to be Shipped to:

My Legal Business Address is (required):

Is this the same as your shipping address? (required):Yes No 
If NO, what is your shipping address? (where do you want us to ship your orders?:

Shipping Instructions. The Shipper I use is:

Shipper Name (required):
Shipper's Address:
Shipper's Contact Person:
Your Account # with Shipper:
Shipper's Phone:
Shipper's FAX:
Shipper's Email:
Special Instructions for US regarding Shipping of Your Orders:

3:(B) Almost there! Your FREE Pre Approved Membership comes with Perks! Do you need help in Increasing your Business profits, market share, inventory & SALES?

1: To assist you better: Describe your Business. What of type of Business do you have? What items you currently buy? and Who do you Sell to?
Also what products you INTEND to SELL LATER and what new markets you want to get into?:

2: Do you have a Showroom? Yes No Thinking about it

3: Nunber of Retail Branch(es) you sell from:

4: How do you primarily sell your Sell Your
Goods and Services? (check all that applies):Retail Department Store Boutiques Variety Store Market Vendor Internet&Website Mail-Newspaper/Magazine Radio TV Face to Face Door to Door Other I'm just starting out and I need help choosing! 

5: Do you need help marketing your business on the Internet?(SEO/SEM): Yes! No Don't know TELL ME MORE! 

6: How can we help to make your business succeed? (required):

7: Keep me Informed! send me information on (check all that applies): United Caribbean Wholesale Business Network® Newsletters Wholesale Caribbean Buyers VIP Hot List Just a member for now, I will signup for myself later United Caribbean Wholesale Business Network® Learning Center HOTTEST DEALS! CLEARANCE MERCHANDISE Being a part of the United Youth Mentoring Small Business Startup I want it All! Send me All Mailing from


By clicking HERE you hereby certify:  Yes, I/We have gone HERE and completely READ & are totally in agreement with your ALL your terms & condition for, I/We are ready to become a Retail Reseller Member / Exclusive Wholesale Distributor, I/We  want to fill and submit your application now and start making a profit for my/our business now. (Check box to agree with all our terms)

Help us help out to prevent SPAM and you are Not a Bot. Put this code in the box below:captcha

Of course I'm a business owner who is also a human! Here is the code from above:

Please check your email now for a copy of this form. It was sent as a copy for your records from:WestIndian






QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE ABOUT THIS SHORT FORM Question:Why do I have to provide all this information?

Answer: [All Information Requested In The Short Form Above; Is Used To Approve Your Membership Application Will Be Read By A Live Human, Each Application To Be Used As Permanent Wholesale Business Partner With Us.

This Is A Free Service We Provide Retail Business Owners Worldwide. All Information You Provided Above To Us, Will Be Used To Provide The Best Wholesale Price To You And Help You To Start And Grow Your Existing Business. It Is Held In Strict Confidence. It Will Never Rented Traded Or Sold.]

Question: I need more help to grow my business, how can you help us?

Answer: We Need To Access Your Current Status Of Your Business. Please Download The Long Form Here To Start Your Business Improvement Application Process. Full Application is available for download here. We Offer Both Free And Paid Business Assistance.

Thank you.
Have a Profitable Caribbean Day…

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