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(Want to apply for a new wholesale account? Have unique requests? Need International shipping? Custom orders?) See our membership signup instructions page here. You can Email orders to: sales [at] or Fax your orders to 1 619 798 1613 (please include your email and contact numbers).

Opening an Account:

All Wholesale accounts are available to retailers only. All information provided in your membership application, is kept strictly confidential and used only for conducting business between you and

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Authorized Buyers & Change of Ownership:

Your account is valuable to your business and every measure should be taken to safe guard it from abuse. For security reasons, only authorized buyers are allowed to place orders. Accounts are limited to two (2) authorized buyers. If you wish to add more authorized buyers: Only the business owner (the name appearing on the account application) may change, add, or remove an authorized buyer.

The business owner must send an email and use and reply with: our confirmation email with the same business email provided with your application you filled out, in order to make these changes on our files. This is meant to protect you from fraud or account abuse, and not to limit you in any way of expanding your business. Our email is subscribe[at]

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All Whole orders will be shipped to the approved registered wholesale account address given at the time of signup. Alternate shipping addresses must be included in your business information we have on file for you. As an added security measure, you must notify us of an addition shipping address via email if this permanent or temporary, for your account security we will not ship just anywhere. This change can only be made by the owner of the account.

Account Review:

This application is given for the purpose of obtaining wholesale and or retail distribution. Buyer certify under penalty of law that the information given during signup, is a true and complete statement of my/our current membership eligibility condition. In the event of any major change in my/our financial condition that may affect my/our membership eligibility, buyer will notify immediately in writing on all account eligibility that may affect my membership with this website.

We constantly try to improve our service to our members and you may be selected to be contacted for short surveys and feedback. Please fill them out as inactive accounts will be terminated.

The Buyer cannot assign its rights hereunder to any other person without the prior written consent of Any such attempted assignment, without prior written consent, is void.

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The status of your account will be reviewed annually. In an effort to keep records accurate you may be asked periodically via email or other means, to provide updated information via short surveys, regarding the status of your business. Accounts showing no activity for more than one (1) year (from the date of account origination) will be closed automatically. You must contact us to reopen your inactive account to make new orders for your business.

Change of Ownership:

If the business changes ownership, the new ownership is required to reapply for an account with Any and all orders not shipped (or waiting to be shipped) in our system, submitted by the previous owners will be cancelled.

Your Store Relocation:

If you relocate or move your business you will be required to update your account information including the new shipping address and contact information with us. If there are major changes in authorized buyer’s name, at the discretion of the Account Specialist, reaffirm your account status by updating all the required new account information we have on file for you. This is meant to safeguard your Retail Reseller Membership / Exclusive Wholesale

USA Distributor account: (USA ONLY Accounts) please visit our instructions for USA based business here.

Submitting an Opening Order, How to Order by and Email, or Website:

Great care was taken on this website to make it easy to use, including our order process. Please follow the order process steps & instructions carefully. For accuracy, we only accept email or orders placed directly on this website, using only the forms provided for you.
Due to the nature of high fashion business, fashion changes by the minute!  no one can possible keep up with it all. All deals on this website are sold on a first-come first-served basis only.

Latest, patterns, colours and styles are subject to change, please check website to see if you have the latest catalog BEFORE submitting your order.

When placing your all orders; bear in mind your resale customer: taste, styles, colors; cuts, patterns and of course your budget.

If item out of stock, due to high demand, (we cannot “hold” your orders as large direct manufacturers charges large hefty restocking fees if we hold up their fast moving inventory). It is mandated, you fill out supplementary backup order form with the products of similar style and price (see our order forms in our catalogs for more info).

International Orders:

Shipping and handling for international orders varies as we have many manufacturers & distributors throughout the world. Buyers are responsible for all tariffs, duties and taxes associated with your orders.

Also, you might want to contact your local customs office concerning payment of customs fees and import restrictions, or how to receive final delivery of your order. Customs processing of your shipment might cause delays in the delivery of your package, this is beyond our control. Please make sure, you are familiar with your own country’s customs process and fee structure before you order – so you know what to expect. These additional fees are not collected or controlled by

Restricted Merchandise:

It is your responsibility to make sure that the items you are ordering are legal to import into your country and do not require an import license.

We are not responsible for shipments that are returned by customs officials due to restrictions and refunds for such returns will not be issued. We can only refund you the original merchandise purchase price minus shipment cost(s) back to the store and possible restocking fees. This is the duty of the Buyer, we are not familiar with every local laws in your country, we cannot be held liable if you make a mistake of import restrictions.

Minimum order:

Please see our current catalog for details.

Order Modification Policy on Changing your Order:

Due to fast paced nature of the wholesale fashion business and the way large manufactures conduct their business. You need to place your order carefully & promptly. It is required you have backup selection of items in similar styles, colors & patterns chosen IN ADDITION to your order, in case your items are gone while you are still deciding. We can only have approximately 1 hour (or less) window of time to change or modify your order.

This sale of high demand for quality fashion goes to the buyer who buys and prepay for their entire order in a first come first served basis. We cannot “reserve or hold stock” for you.

Once you have processed your order we cannot make any changes other than additions. All Sales Are Final. When we place an order, with the many big manufactures, they pull the stock out of their inventory immediately and reserve it for us, (if you do not complete and process your order, we are charged a very expensive restock fee, and this can be high).

To keep our cost down & cut down on expenses, we suggest you select carefully and order promptly. reserves the right to refuse and or limit sales of high demand products.

Back Orders & the Manufacturing Process:

All items that are not in stock from the manufactures & importers or unavailable will be automatically canceled on your order and refunded accordingly. Our manufactures change their styles very often, just to keep up with the ever changing newest fashion trends needs. We cannot “backorder” items from them.

Why? Once the manufactures selected styles & models are run thru their production lines they move on to the next newest style. After their initial machine setups process, they usually exhausted/depleted that particular style in their production line; using their all materials & raw stock, they may not re-run that particular style/pattern in their manufacturing process again. They usually retool the clothes manufacturing machines/mills, for the next newer fashion style. Unless it is a very popular style or fashion they may consider a re-run production.

We recommend: you identify the similar styles, colors & patterns that your customer likes and we will be happy to assist you to restock on these hot selling models to keep your profits high.

Re-Orders: Please test your market and identify for the hot sellers and fast movers of similar styles, colors & patterns for faster re-orders. See our United Caribbean Wholesale Business Network® FREE Learning Center on how to effectively do this.

Drop Ship:

This option is not available at this time. Contact us if you have special shipping requirements or custom orders.

Custom Orders:

Looking for something special? If you don’t find what you’re looking for in our catalogs, need larger bulk order? You may want to consider placing a custom order. We specialize in custom orders. Your use of custom orders may cause a delay in shipping or additional, non-published fees.

Email us for details and requirements. Bulk Custom Orders will not be shipped until payment terms are agreed upon and full payment is received in full for your order.

How do we process your order:

This is done by a 3 step notification process: We have hundreds of manufactures and importers / distributors on our inventory in multiple locations worldwide. We have streamlined the ordering process as follows:

1: Order Confirmation

2: Payment Confirmation

3: Shipping (and Tracking) Confirmation.

Please note: the order confirmation emails (1) (are not to be confused with Payment Confirmation (2) emails or shipping confirmation (3) emails) you will be receiving during various stage in your order & shipping process.

Order Confirmation (Step 1 of 3) we will strive to process your orders quickly & error free.

Here is how we do it: After you place your correct complete order using our easy to follow forms, (together with the supplementary backup order form for replacement styles, with similar patterns and prices of your choice, mandatory) via email / website.

It is quickly reviewed by a secure customer service team member for any errors and stock is checked against our vast inventory of available items and hundreds of manufactures and importers.

Your order is then processed. Sometimes modifications may need to be made, the customer will always receive an update via email, on the order if any modification has been made. (Your 1st order confirmation email is sent to you).

All orders must be prepaid and received together with shipping and insurance in full BEFORE it is processed. Sorry, no exceptions.

2: Payment Confirmation (Step 2 of 3) your order is charged, (a detailed Payment Confirmation 2nd email) when the items in your order ship out.
3: Shipping Confirmation (Step 3 of 3): a shipping confirmation (3) email with your tracking information is sent out your order ships. You will be notified instantly via Email with the tracking number and estimated arrival time depending where you are in the Caribbean or elsewhere. Shipping takes approximately: via Express Air Service 2-9 days with air and 3-9 weeks approximately via sea. It is usually faster, however that extra shipping time is allotted in case of weather, the notorious lag in “Caribbean Shipping & Island Time” and other delays we cannot control. Please call your regular shipper you used in your membership application for a realistic detail shipping schedule.

Catalog & Product Images:

Download our latest catalog here. Note: all prices appearing in our catalogs or website are subject to change without prior notice. We reserve the right to correct typographical and printing errors appearing in our catalogs, printed pricing, and pictures on our catalogue, VIP hotlists & this website. All products are subject to availability and prior sale. *Please note* ONLY our catalogues carry the LATEST PICTURES PRICES & DESCRIPTION, pictures on the website do NOT. If you want the latest styles DOWNLOAD THE LATEST CATALOG. The pictures on this website SHOW SAMPLE PRODUCTS & ITEMS ONLY and are NOT UPDATED OFTEN. You must download the latest catalogues to GET THE LATEST DEALS and PRICELIST.

Our exclusive manufactures wholesale sales contracts PROHIBIT us from mentioning the actual designer or brand names we carry and are capable of offering to you. Rest assured these are the SAME authentic name brands found in all of the TOP retail stores worldwide. Email us for your preference in designer & name brands at the lowest prices in the Caribbean.

Please make sure to visit our Latest Wholesale Specials Buys & Newest Fashion Lots, all our New Tropical Caribbean Fashion Arrivals and just the listed and in demand On Sale Now & NEW Clearance Lots here. these are exclusive deals not found else where in the entire Caribbean.

Most of the images were given to us by the various manufactures, all work that is copyrighted belongs to respective owners, and we ask you respect our.

Images are taken with a high quality, digital camera. The images on the catalog are reviewed for accuracy before being placed on this website.

Please note: Every computer has different color settings. We are not responsible for the color settings on your system. The item’s text description should be read carefully, when considering ordering an item than the shades of color in the picture or image. Slight differences in color hue between the website and the physical item are possible. This is not grounds for returning the item.

Due to the nature of high fashion business, fashion changes by the minute! It is a difficult task to keep our catalogues daily updated from hundreds of direct manufactures & direct importers, some actual styles and colours will differ, as most popular fashion styles changes hourly. Most of the images represent the true product, unless “items were too new and came without photos”. While every effort is made to details, sometimes human errors do occur in catalogue production, and similar item/style/pattern/colour pictures may be used.

If there is a major differences in color between the website and the physical item or wrong picture for the item or description is a mistake. Please notify us immediately. Our email address is webmaster [at] Thanks.


The prices listed on the Catalogs & VIP Hotlists are intended for the B2B business wholesale trade only.

This is NOT to be used for the general public.

Fashion changes by the minute, we offer the best in affordable Caribbean Fashions, because of the high demand for our goods , All items on this website, are sold on a first-come first-served basis only and all purchases made at this website is final.

We only stock new items in original manufactures packaging and labeling unless noted otherwise or custom requested.

There is a high demand for our products from savvy business buyers and we cannot hold any merchandise.

All orders must be prepaid with shipping & insurance by using an approved payment method listed. I/we understand that the price of the specific products which I/we have chosen may change due to style changes, improvements, or other reasons.

When such price changes occur, will notify me/us of any pricing changes by posing the prices in the catalogs & pricelists on this website.

In order to get the best prices form the large direct hundreds of manufactures & direct importers we invest in even larger quantities. The prices listed in the catalogs & VIP Hotlist is formulated to ensure you the buyer, is getting these quality items as the lowest possible price. We cannot offer them any lower, unless for items that are on sale, special promos and on clearance of course.

Web Pricing:

Rest assures you are getting the lowest price possible. Prices on our website are in effect until they are removed from the page unless otherwise noted. Please note: clearance items have limited quantities and styles, specific sizes, colors and when they are sold they are gone for good at those low prices.

NOTE: There are no prices listed on the website. You need to download the latest catalogues for the latest pictures, deals & prices.

Our suggested retail price list:

Our wholesale catalog may include a suggested retail price. Retail Reseller Members/Exclusive Wholesale Distributors who have qualified for this discounted price must use this retail price as a guide.

With the exception of an occasional sale or special, the suggested retail price should be used as the minimum retail price. Seller reserves the right to make price changes at any time without notice.

Seller will also allow the Retail Reseller Members / Exclusive Wholesale Distributors to sell our products in writing and agree that items sold on the web site must be offered at retail price.

Buyers that sell at wholesale price to customer without prior arrangements or appropriate notification to may lose their Retail Reseller Membership / Exclusive Wholesale Distributor account. The Exclusive Wholesale Distributors account may be available on a limited basis and in specific regions, if your desired area is taken, you can apply for a nearby territory here. Other rules and terms may apply.

Payment Terms & Billing Terms:

All payments are due upon ordering. Payment for goods and services on this website will be processed by UINI DIGITAL PAYMENT SYSTEMS, is the company name, which will process all our payments.

You should make payments for this site for All bank checks, bank drafts, bank transfers, money orders payable to : UINI DIGITAL PAYMENT SYSTEMS And this name will appear on your bank card and billing statement & receipts.

Sorry, we do not offer any open credit terms.

We do not ship COD.

We do not offer any credit accounts.

*NOTE: Before we process or do any work on your order, we will wait for your full payment with shipping and insurance. Send your payment as quickly as possible to reduce the chance of items running out of stock. If something runs out of stock, we will use your completed supplementary backup order form of replacement items you filled out with your initial order email/ web form.

If that is out of stock, we will contact you to request a substitution of items. Please be prompt in your order to prevent delays in your store inventory.

Payment Methods & Accepted Methods of Payments:

All transactions Currency is in US Dollars. All orders are prepay.

We accept: Bank Wire Transfer, Bank transfers, Certified Bank Checks, bank cashier’s checks or Money orders Only.  Always include your member & order number as part of the information you send with your bank wire transfer to prevent delays & errors in processing.

All payment to this site should made payable to: UINI DIGITAL PAYMENT SYSTEMS.

NOTE: this name UINI DIGITAL PAYMENT SYSTEMSwill appear on your entire bank /card and billing statement & receipts for all merchandise purchased from in your local bank statements & currency.


We take very extraordinary care in packing each order with plenty of secure shipping packing & supplies and we have never received a complaint of any item arriving broken.

In the event this has occurred, it is the sole responsibility of the shipper you chose for the careless handling of your package; therefore, should anything break during shipping, you MUST FILE A CLAIM with the shipper you choose.

This means, you will have to take your package to your local shipper for them to examine the damage they caused.

We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for any damage caused by the shipper you choose.

All orders are quality control inspected and digitally photographed before shipped and securely packed in strict accordance of the instructions we received from your shipper. Please save all shipping and packing materials to aid in your claim.

Once the package leaves our hands and after inspection by your shipper for their secure shipping guidelines, it is no longer under our control and you must deal with the shipper you choose. This is why all of our orders are insured, the cost of which is calculated in the total shipping cost.

It is recommended you have this option included as SHIPPING & INSURANCE for all your orders with because of the shipping time and distance from our FOB Florida shipping address.

Fees vary for insurance depending upon amount purchased and through which carrier you listed in your membership application with us.

You WILL be charged this when the package is shipped, or when your order is processed. If you choose NOT to accept insurance, no refunds, returns or exchanges will be made on your product if it is lost, stolen or damaged during shipment – and it will be up to you to do the claim through your shipping company you choose. No exceptions.

Shipping & Duties and Taxes/Insurance:

Buyer agrees and is responsible for paying all freight, duty, taxes and insurance charges for their orders to their chosen country and address are shipped.

All risk of loss relating to the order passes to Buyer, at the time such your order is delivered to directly to shipper chosen by Buyer, whether such carrier/ shipper was selected by or Buyer. shall not be responsible for any delays in shipment or loss or damage to Buyers order following such delivery.

Fees shipping and Handling Shipping charges may be charged as separate charge from order. All shipments are FOB Florida USA. Once your order is visually inspected to ensure advertised quality & hand counted for quantity, by quality control team.

We are not responsible for the order after it leaves our hands at our warehouse for your shipper. All claims must be addressed to the shipper you choose in your application or you gave at the time of order. Buyer acknowledges and agrees to hold the shipper responsible for any and all damages caused to their order.

Shipping Rules and Restrictions:

We take all measures necessary to maintain the highest standards. We adhere to and your order is shipped in strict accordance with USA Homeland Security and other governmental authority’s laws; We ship to worldwide except some restricted countries imposed by the U.S. Government such as Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Afghanistan, Angola, Rwanda, and Syria. Invoices do not include duties or other taxes. We use selected Caribbean shippers for international shipments, unless specified otherwise by the Buyer.

Expedited Shipping: Requests for expedited shipping Express Air Service is available, extra charges and weight limitations apply, Call your shipper for details or contact our customer service.

All applicable freight charges for expedited shipping will apply and be charged accordingly. Any customs charges or duties are the buyer’s responsibility. We are not responsible for any delays in your order due manufactures or importers delay,

Refusal of Package & Unclaimed Shipments:

Your order is prepaid and shipped one-way. Once shipped we will not accept Refusal of Package to our warehouse this is the same as an unauthorized return. If you refuse a package after the tracking ID has been sent, you will meet with a 35-50% restock fee plus shipping if returned. You may have your account suspended for refusal of packages after 15-30 days if the restock fee is not paid.

Or, if store credit is issued if you are eligible for a store credit, the restock fees will be assessed against your store credit. Signature is required on all orders.

If a shipment is rejected by you because of customs clearance charges or gets returned to us due to restrictions your country has in place regarding the importation of the goods you purchased with our assistance, you will be held liable for return shipment and/or all other miscellaneous fees incurred by us that are associated with that return. Refunds for such returns will not be issued. We can only refund you the original merchandise purchase price minus shipment cost back to the store.

Order Discrepancies:

We are pleased with our quality control department and prompt shipping, rarely does error occur, and in a rare case you have a discrepancy with your order.

You must be reported it within three (3) business days of delivery. No exceptions. If there is damage you need to contact your local shipper. Double check your shipment against the invoice included with your shipment.
This shows what was shipped with your order and what you were charged. Double check all packaging inside the box. Fragile items are often placed inside padded envelopes and hard to spot/find. After you recheck the packaging for the order, email or fax us your Customer PO, member#, Invoice Number, Contact Information, and each item that is missing or shipped in error. Our email address is our fax number is 1 619 798 1613.

When we receive this information, we will check your original order against our quality control and shipping  paper work . After we compare the shipper and our report with the information you provide, we will contact you via email to resolve your problem.

Claims & Returns:

Due to the nature of our wholesale closeouts business, we cannot accept any returns or exchanges on any product after delivery, ALL SALES ARE FINAL so please choose your products carefully.

This applies whether you have changed your mind for any reason; your items cannot be returned to at Since there is no way of verifying what has happened to our products during shipping once they have left our possession, orders cannot be exchanged, returned, refunded, or revised in any way. If items were damaged by the shipper you need to make a claim with your local shipper office. Keep the all shipment packaging in case the shipping company wants to inspect it.

You may need to a claim form provided by your shipper. Returns are not accepted on: any open packages; damaged or missing items/parts items; worn garments/must be free of odors/ stains; all special or custom orders. For sanitary reasons all intimate apparels, perfumes, creams, oils, all personal hygiene products and lotions are also non- returnable items due to contamination will not be accepted for returns. Must be in new condition with original packaging.


Only wrong items shipped in error or manufacture’s defective items are eligible for exchange (it will be included with when you place your next order) or store credit only.

All returns require an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number.

Please email Customer Service to make a claim or process a return. Damages must be claimed within three business days (3) upon delivery you may ship it back to us within the refund time period at your expense (You must make shipping arrangements to return the merchandise.

Please use a service that has tracking or delivery confirmation. We are not responsible for any returns lost in transit.) Package to us must insured, for a full exchange or store credit, providing it is returned to us unopened in the original manufacture packaging with all the original tags & paperwork together with Order Number # Catalog# Page # Style # (Description) Reason for return: (In a few words explain the problem or nature of the manufacture defect).

If items appear to be altered/used in any way, upon arrival to us, we will notify you of the reason it cannot be exchanged by email and the item will not be returned or exchanged. By purchasing with wholesale services and/or products The Buyer agree to and accept this term.

Buyer understands and acknowledges our credit point system ONLY, covers wrong items shipped in error or manufactures defects. Also, in purchasing wholesale by nature of the trade, there is an average 1 to 3% allowance for damage / manufactures defect/ breakage as a normal industry wide average and is normal in doing business as a wholesaler.

Although we have a strong quality control policy to prevent defects from entering our wholesale fashion supply wholesale channel errors do occur. If a wrong/defective was credited to your account, it will be placed to your account for your future order and you will receive it when you make your next order it will not be shipped separate.

If you have a store credit, please include a reminder note for us when placing your next order. Dozen pack items sometimes has manufactures defect (1-2 breaks/ defect). Please do not make claims on this type of damage.

The amount of paperwork makes this costly. We feel that the credit point system we have in place adequately compensates for these occasional, small losses. reserve the right to disable points or suspend / Terminate accounts of and refuse future shipment to Retail Reseller / Exclusive Wholesale Distributor making excessive/abusive fraudulent claims of this nature in the future. In line with other importers in our industry, we reserve the right to discontinue business with anyone we deem to be abusing or overusing returns.

If you have a question about an item, contact us BEFORE purchasing and returning items that were not as you expected.

Cancel an order:

Due to the nature of our wholesale closeouts business, we service a lot of businesses and have a fast moving inventory we try to accommodate everyone. When placing your order with us and if it is already processed, you have 1 hour from approval of your order to cancel it.

Plan ahead, Please take in consideration your fast movers & seller. Your customer preference and the high profit margins on these items. Sometimes we are not able to cancel your order (after 1hour of your approved processed order). If that is the case please request a Store Credit instead. If you cancel after your order has been processed or charged, you will receive store credit.

Store credit means, your account will be credited the full purchase amount minus any coupons or specials and applicable restock fees. You may use that store credit any time in the future with our store.

For Cancellations that are within the normal Policy time frame, there will be a 35-50% restock fee. There are no exceptions. We cannot cancel if:

If Shipping and or Tracking ID had already been issued.

If Package is engaged for delivery on en route to destination and not declared “Missing” or “Lost” by the shipping company and or Shipper or if there is a delivery delay on the shipper’s Part (We have no control of the shipper, delays happen and are not the fault of or any of its employees, please research a dependable shipper). If the item has been delivered and signed for, unless there are defects with the items. Your item has been processed or charged and is still within the time frame our given in policy. If your item is late (passed policy ship time + back order time) Unforeseen circumstances and acts of God.

All claims are only for wrong items shipped in error or manufacture’s defective items; must be made within 3 days of receipt of goods.

All orders are subject to stock on hand at time of delivery. We cannot be liable for more than the invoiced price nor can we be liable for product after they passed our quality control inspection report (you will receive a digital photo & control inspection report before we ship with your tracking ID).

When the goods leave our shipping department, they are guarantee free from damage or defects) you must file a claim with the shipping company you chose when you place your order.

Please read this policy BEFORE you place an order on this website or please opt out of this site.

The Buyer agrees to and accepts this term and condition on canceling an order.

Other Important Disclaimers:

In order to better serve you, our policies and procedures may be modified from time to time by, any changes will be posted on this page on the website and Applicant agrees to be bound by such changes. may approve or reject this application at its sole discretion and for any reason in accordance with policies and procedures in effect now or in the future.

Applicant acknowledges that product names, as well as the corporate name and logos, are the exclusive property of

Applicant agrees not to use trademarks, the product names, corporate name, or logos to promote his/her independent business or any other purpose without written authorization from
Applicant further acknowledges that its customer lists, distributor lists, manufacturing procedures, formulas, operating, financial and marketing materials, confidential lists& reports, Policies and Procedures manual, and discount plan are proprietary property and contain confidential business information and trade secrets.

During the term of the Agreement or thereafter, Applicant agrees not to use such materials and information except to develop his/her business pursuant to this Agreement and not to compete with

Applicant agrees not to disclose the information contained in those confidential lists& reports to third parties, or the general public or to recruit, solicit, or otherwise engage other members to participate in other business ventures in direct competition against Buyer (applicant) agrees not to act inappropriately on this website and not to use this site in an unlawful manner to affect performance or denial of service to others or this site.

In the event any court of competent jurisdiction shall declare any portion of this Agreement to be invalid, the remainder of this Agreement shall not be invalidated thereby but shall remain in full force and effect.

Prices are subject to change at anytime, and reserves the right to terminate this wholesale agreement at any time. reserves the right to refuse any application that does not meet our standards, Terms & Conditions. As a Retail Reseller member & Exclusive Wholesale Distributor Vendor you are responsible for all your own customers concerns or complaints or customer support.


The parties agree that if any part, term, or provision of this agreement is held illegal or invalid, the validity of the remaining portions or provisions shall not be affected, and the rights and obligations of the parties shall be construed and enforced as if the agreement did not contain the particular part, term, or provision held to be illegal or invalid.

Our Policy on United Caribbean Wholesale Business Network® FREE Learning Center & All helpful Advice given on this site:, is proud to be an innovator and a leader in the new Internet Business World. 
We believe all education should be free; and it is a given right for those who are more enlighten in higher knowledge: should share and exchange business ideas freely who those who are less fortunate; and who is seeking to to improve their life, living conditions and business.

We are not a licensed business school or profess to be. The information given on this site and on our United Caribbean Wholesale Business Network® FREE Learning Center is given freely with no warranties or guarantees. These are very valuable lessons, tips and techniques we and others who own businesses, both in the Caribbean and Worldwide have learn in the real business world of “hard knocks” and wishes to pass on & mentor those who those who are inexperienced, just started or looking to start their own new business. (Why swim with the business sharks? when we already have a boat with room for more).

Why should you care?   Simple,  Just as a typical United Caribbean Village support each other the same way the United Caribbean Wholesale Business Network® will support each of its business members & others, with helpful tips, encouragement, moral support & inspiration of the unique “Caribbean Creative Native Spirit® that’s in all of us; that must be nurtured, encouraged, inspired and that which must be given & shared with the rest of the world!  Truly, One Love…
I think its a great effort to help & educate others, I would like to help too…

Change of Terms from Time-To-Time: may alter any term of this Agreement by posting a notice that there is a change in terms on t his page containing the contents and changes; Any use of any web site after the date of change such notice is deemed acceptance of the new terms.

Legal issues, and other Legal Stuff our lawyers made us put in…

Please note: This site is monitored hourly & daily by real live people, not some site just sitting in cyberspace just collecting digital dust, We actually WORK here! (and envy you all at the beach right now lol..) We aim to assist others in their business and we are main concern & try to help and support each other in good faith.

Legal issues are only posted here as a preventative and completeness of our Terms & Conditions; does not expect any legal issues to arise from our Retail Reseller members & Exclusive Wholesale Distributors, we respectfully try very hard to support each other and keep an open line of communication open to resolve any and all issues honestly, kindly and fairly.

Please contact us for any issues or problems you are having. Please be sure to check out our United Caribbean Wholesale Business Network® FREE Learning Center and most of our questions can be answered in our FAQ here and self help section of the website.

Legal action may be taken if:

Under fraud Retail Reseller member & Exclusive Wholesale Distributor denies paid for and receiving goods after goods have been delivered and a postal/custom inspection has taken place and the goods have been found to have been delivered properly and proper bank verified.

Or unauthorized bank/ credit /transfer/ card/ improper chargeback is requested. We will fully cooperate with all legal authorities & government to provide the verifiable banking and shipping/customs documents in cooperation with their ongoing investigations. Membership privileges may be suspended or revoked and/or other penalty fees may apply.

Retail Reseller member / Exclusive Wholesale Distributor willfully damage any goods on purpose to file a fraudulent claim. Note: many legal issues regarding this are usually taken care of by the shipping service of which a claim was filed, however if a customer does this, will help and provide the shipping service with any and all supporting documents, photos, or any information regarding the item(s).Under fraud Membership privileges may be suspended or revoked and/or other penalty fees may apply.

Retail Reseller member / Exclusive Wholesale Distributor publicly insults, degrades, lies or releases any information regarding an order (even if it is their order) on public forums, websites, radio, TV, newspapers, flyers, discussion boards (or any other type of Internet site or public place or offline or online information source).

If a Retail Reseller member / Exclusive Wholesale Distributor uses our business name in any way other than personal email’s or referrals. Or in any way trying to negatively impact our gross sales verbally or printed online or off by stating not to do business with our company and/or “warning” others because of an issue you may have had with shipping, prices, policy, customer service, or any services provided to you that you agreed to when purchasing with Under defamation and or libel. Membership privileges may be suspended or revoked and/or other penalty fees may apply.

If a Retail Reseller member / Exclusive Wholesale Distributor is found doing either of these things, reserves the right to hire counsel for litigation and/or refuse service to member in the present or future. Any remaining orders may be cancelled and no monies will be returned in lieu of legal action. Other international laws may apply. Membership privileges may be suspended or revoked and/or other penalty fees may apply. Can’t we just get along?


All information submitted by the applicant shall be reviewed by, who reserves the right to accept or reject the application and any or all supporting documentation at its sole discretion. Any such determination by shall be final. All sales on this website is final. reserves the right to change the account application at its discretion for any reason. reserves the right to review and/or suspend or close any account at its discretion.

By submission of the application, the applicant agrees to adhere to all The policies including, but not limited to, those provided above.

By submitting this application to the above-named company and on behalf of its officers, shareholders, employees, agents, affiliates, successors and assigns agree to the following: that the person submitting this Application is authorized to execute this Application on behalf of the company and bind the above-referenced individuals and entities to the terms and conditions of this Application including the terms and conditions of this agreement; in consideration of being accepted as a dealer of products and being allowed to purchase products from at a discount.

Each of the above-named individuals and entities agrees to release its officers, shareholders, employees, agents, affiliates, successors and assigns from any and all liability for injuries or damages that may result from the sale or use of said products.

That in consideration of being accepted as a dealer or wholesale buyer of products and being allowed to purchase products from at a discount each of the above-named individuals and entities agrees to indemnify and hold and its officers, shareholders, employees, agents, affiliates, successors and assigns harmless from any and all claims, losses, liability and damages (including attorneys’ fees and costs) that they may suffer as a result of claims arising out of the improper resale or misuse of products. If products are intended for resale, you agree to abide by all industry standards related to the resale and use of products.

PLEASE READ THE ABOVE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING UP FOR the Retail Reseller Membership/Wholesale Distributor Application. All members of this site agree that access to and use of this membership site & privileges are subject to the above terms and conditions and other applicable law. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please does not use apply for the Retail Reseller Membership/Wholesale Distributor. Have a wonderful productive day & we hope to do business with you soon…

By clicking HERE you hereby certify:  
Yes, I/We have read & are totally in agreement with your ALL your terms & condition for, I/We are ready to become a Retail Reseller Member / Exclusive Wholesale Distributor, I/We  want to fill and submit your application now and start making a profit for my/our business now. your one stop shop for the latest wholesale Caribbean Fashion in bulk wholesale lots. Ideal for starting your own small wholesale business, we supply your store and fashion boutiques with the newest affordable tropical fashion here…

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